Humble Construction Co. and Shoreline have teamed up on multiple construction projects both on and off the water.

​"It is with great pleasure that I recommend Shoreline Construction & Excavating for future projects.  Humble Construction Co. has had the opportunity to work with Shoreline Construction & Excavating on a recent project with great success.  We teamed up with them because they are able to provide a wide array of services and expertise in the commercial and industrial areas of excavating, piling/shoring, and earth anchors.  The Shoreline Construction & Excavating team has the discipline, precision, communication, and experience to produce superior quality project results.  They always focus on the key construction principles of people, flexibility, environment, and speed/cost.  They seek to fully understand the customer's needs and strive to exceed them with thoughtfulness and perseverance.  We have worked with many subcontractors/team members over the last 70 years and we would tell you that Shoreline Construction & Excavating always performs with the highest integrity and professionalism.  What matters to their customers matters to them.  I believe that you will be very satisfied with Shoreline Construction & Excavating on your team and hope you will select them when planning your future projects."

​Best Regards,

​Lance A. Humble

​President, Humble Construction Co.

Installation of sheet steel seawall in Marysville, Ohio:




​Installation of seawall and walk-out piers on Lake Logan in Ohio:

Installation of Manta Ray 'Earth Anchors' into a retaining wall in Erie, PA:

Shoreline Construction & Excavating completed the installation of 20 new docks at the Islander Boatel Condo Association on Indian Lake in Ohio.  Note the 'before' and 'after' pictures, as well as the kind words expressed from Brian Hotopp, the condominium association's manager:

​"I have worked with Shoreline on a few construction projects and I highly recommend them to anyone.  They have to experience and equipment to do the job properly and efficiently.  They stay on budget, complete the work on time, and the finished project is always what is expected."

​Brian Hotopp (Winter 2013)

Installation of 20 covered boat docks on Indian Lake in Ohio:

Shoreline travels throughout the mid-west completing commercial and industrial projects targeting seawalls, boat docks, and retaining walls (although we are not limited to these types of marine-based projects).  Shoreline frequently works with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, numerous condominium associations, and private companies to develop solutions to their most problematic aquatic-based construction issues.  We pride ourselves on keeping up-to-date with the newest technology known to our industry, and are willing to step up to challenging tasks.  Please explore the 'services' portion of our website for more specific information.

Below are a few testimonials from reputable companies/associations that we have teamed up with in the recent past.  There are also pictures from various commercial/industrial projects.

​Installation of nine covered boat docks on Indian Lake in Ohio:

Before and after photos of the Islander Condo dock project:

Installation of several hundred feet of baffel wall in Kentucky using composite sheet piling:

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