Shoreline owns an entire fleet of sectional barges to meet the needs of our residential and commercial customers. Our customized sectional barges are easily transported via truck, which allows Shoreline to travel outside of the immediate working area.  These sectional barges pin together to create the perfect sized barge to meet your project's demands.  Benefits of sectional barges include the ability to transport smaller barge pieces into tight working areas, easy water access to your project (versus land access which can damage your property), and the ability to use these barges as "work platforms" to perform the job the safest way we know how.  In addition to our fleet of sectional barges, Shoreline also has several "hopper" barges.  This specific type of barge is used to hold dredge material (or anything else we might be hauling).  Shoreline also owns multiple push boats to maneuver these barges around the waterway.  We do rent barges, depending upon our workload.  Please email for more information on barge rental. 





Shoreline Construction & Excavating is a marine construction company located on Indian Lake in Ohio (one hour northwest of Columbus).  We provide a wide variety of services from installation of seawall and boat docks, to large commercial and industrial projects.


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Shoreline Construction & Excavating

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