Given the recent Dock Allowances published by ODNR, Shoreline is fully committed to installing approved docks to the Buckeye Lake community.  We have created several dock options to meet the various needs of these customers.  Please note that Shoreline plans to install docks at Buckeye Lake throughout the 2019 season, starting in the summer months.

We do have a limited number of spots available on a first-come, first-serve basis!  Please email suzanne@shorelineohio.com today to discuss pricing and to get on the waiting list!

Below are the professional renderings tailored to meet the dock requirements along the Buckeye Lake dam.  Shoreline has met with ODNR at Buckeye Lake to discuss these specific dock options, but dock permits will be required for each customer.  ODNR will be reviewing each permit and considering the best Lake access options for the customer and neighboring residents.

*Please note that details regarding the gangway, pier, and hydraulic dock options (with more pictures) are listed below!

At this time, Shoreline does not sell or install temporary boat lifts (i.e. Shorestations).  However, we are distributors for floating EZ Dock products.  If you are interested in having a floating EZ Dock installed, please check out their website for possible options to meet your watercraft requirements.  Shoreline can provide specific pricing for these docks.

*Please consider the roughness of the water at your property when considering a floating dock option.

​Other Options to Customize Your Buckeye Lake Dock

​Temporary Boat Lifts/Floating Docks

Shoreline prides itself on these fully custom designed hydraulic boat lifts built by the owner of Shoreline, Derek.  These boat lifts run off of battery power and can be built to accommodate either a pontoon/"V" bottom boat, or fully decked (as pictured below) to be used for jet skis, water toys, or swimming access.  Shoreline is offering several configurations with these hydraulic lifts to meet the specific needs of the customer.  Please see the professional renderings above for possible dock arraignments.  

​Gangway, Stationary Pier, & Double Hydraulic Dock with Wrap-Around Walkways (Option #5)

Marine Grade Folding Ladders- $300

​Hydraulic Boat Lifts

Buckeye Lake Residents

Gangway & Stationary Pier (Option #1)

Folding Cleats- $60 each

​Gangway, Stationary Pier, & Single Hydraulic Dock with Wrap-Around Walkways (Option #4)

​Gangway, Stationary Pier, & Double Hydraulic Dock (Option #3)

A pier can be used for the customer to gain access to the Lake from the gangway.  They will be prebuilt at on off-site location, and then their steel frame will be attached to 6 steel "I" beams driven into the Lake bottom.  These piers will be decked with treated lumber deck boards/bumper boards or composite lumber/bumper boards.

Upright docking posts (treated lumber or composite) are also an option for these piers. 

Gangways are required per ODNR for access to your dock and pier.  Shoreline offers several sizes of aluminum gangways to gain access to your fixed or floating structures.  These gangways will be attached to the customer's concrete 'dock locator pad' and will then span over the dam/rip-rap rock.  ThruFlow decking will be used for these gangways with handrails on each side.  Winter removal is possible.  


*Piers to access the hydraulic boat lifts are sold separately.  This configuration is shown as 'Option #4' in the above professional renderings. 

​Gangway, Stationary Pier, & Single Hydraulic Dock (Option #2)

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