Docks & Piers

Sometimes a simple pier is all that a customer needs to access the waterfront at their property.  Both the widths and lengths of these piers can be customized depending upon how the pier is to be utilized.  We construct these piers on steel beams driven into the lake bottom (unless you are a customer concerned with winter weather damaging your pier, then we can easily install a cantilever pier instead).  We then frame the pier with treated lumber, and deck the pier using treated lumber or composite decking to the customer's preference.  These piers are perfect for the resident who needs to access their aluminum boat lift, the avid fisherman, the resident who enjoys sitting in the sunshine down by the lake, those who enjoy swimming, or those who need to access their kayaks/paddle boards/lake toys.  These piers provide a nice, clean look to the front of your lake property with just the right amount of convenience.  Various piers are pictured below, but we would be happy to personalize something that better suits your lifestyle.


​Composite lumber options available:





Shoreline Construction & Excavating is a marine construction company located on Indian Lake in Ohio (one hour northwest of Columbus).  We provide a wide variety of services from installation of seawall and boat docks, to large commercial and industrial projects.


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