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Shoreline has the ability to install a Cofferdam when a larger project needs to be completed, creating a temporary "water tight" enclosure. These Cofferdams then allow crews to access bridges, docks, piers, and dams from the base of the structure.  We then work to ensure we have an effective dewatering plan in place, maximizing safety and efficiency of the working crew.  Shoreline owns various thicknesses of sheet steel which can be rented when these Cofferdams are in use. 


Here is a picture of a Cofferdam installed for a local contractor while they were repairing the Orchard Island bridge on Indian Lake:

Here, Shoreline is installing a Cofferdam from the top of a bridge:

Shoreline installed a 300 foot cofferdam to access underneath existing condominiums. It was used to anchor a tie-back system for flowable fill concrete, which filled the void between the new seawall and the failing condominium foundation.

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